Equine-Assisted Coaching For Women | Horsemanship Classes and Clinics

Horses, Health & Healing

Horses Heal Your Soul. 

Food Nourishes Your Body. 

Practicing Presence Brings Life Into Balance.

We work with women who want to heal their relationships with food, learn how to reconnect with themselves through gardening and horsemanship, and develop healthier ways to speak to themselves and others.  

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Woke Women in Agriculture

We a small group of cowgirls, butchers, gardeners, farmers, activists, scientists and producers who work throughout Snohomish, Duvall and Carnation, Washington.

We're care about our planet and want to leave the land we use in better condition than we find it. We also love horses and raising livestock. Learn what women in agriculture can accomplish when they have the resources.

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