Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.  ― Anaïs Nin

Five Reasons You May Want to Work With a Life Coach

Life is big. Ok, major understatement, right? 

We start our adult lives with optimism, ambitions and a roadmap to achieve the life of our dreams. Glittery and expectant, we work hard, sacrifice along the way and follow the map. 

A decade or two later, a lot more responsibilities, and an awareness of time slipping by and you may be experiencing an emptiness, lack of enjoyment in your day, fear that life is passing you by, and heaps of stress. 

  • What happened to the starry-eyed optimism and unlimited possibilities? 
  • What happened to the life you dreamed of?
  • How did life become so uninspiring, complicated and burdensome? 

Left unanswered, these questions can lead to depression, self-destructive behaviors and health issues.

“Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’”  –– Ellis Boy (Red) Redding in Shawshank Redemption

Hiring a life coach IS the business of living. It teaches you how to assess yourself and situations objectively, intimately and curiously so that you can make informed choices for yourself and begin to live in a more intentional way, regardless of where you are on your roadmap. 

You will learn how to recognize a blind spot and how to ask the right questions to reveal its nature. Coaching will introduce you to yourself in a forward-facing, goal-oriented, and holistic way that teaches you to thrive. With the right life coach, you will be forever changed.

Unstick Yourself

Coaching helps you unstick yourself. You’re stuck –– in your lousy job, in your stressful financial state, in a relationship that feels over or in a body you don’t like. It could be one or several of these things. The frustration and panic of being stuck is so common, yet we’re in our unique traps alone and miserable. 

Coaching has two steps to getting you unstuck. The first is to identify the real snare you’re trapped in. The second is to understand that you have all the answers and solutions within you to free yourself. 

Your Life Coach will use a variety of tools, both cognitive and somatic, to reveal the extent of your cage, identify the structures that reinforce it, discover the keys to your freedom, and help you use them.

Life Coaching For Women Over 40

Reinvention  - The Gentle Way

Most adults will hit a midlife crisis at least once, sometimes several times throughout their lives. Time is passing and life is not ideal. Usually, these are marked by a sudden desire to stir things up, drastically - bring in the hot-rod car, the minor plastic surgery or the younger love interest. 

Traditionally, these occur when we have reached a point in our chronological life that makes us acutely aware of our mortality. It can also be brought on by the emptiness of a passionate pursuit (e.g. goals attained that did not measure up to what we thought they were supposed to be.)

Life coaching is an easier, gentler way to work through this period. Invest in a coach to uncover what is driving your dissatisfaction, ways to seek satisfaction you will be proud of, and, more importantly, ways where you won’t hurt yourself in the process.  

Transitions and All Their Messiness

Transitions are messy. Whether you initiated the transition –– you took a job in another state, you started your own company, or decided to leave a relationship that wasn’t working –– or maybe the transition initiated itself –– a parent passes, you get a scary health diagnosis, your kids left home, or your partner left you. No matter the circumstance, transitions are really hard. 

Coaching can help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster of these transitions. It can help you prioritize your highest values, help clarify your desired outcomes and develop a plan for achieving new goals now that the transition has happened. You’ll emerge from the transition with grace, a sense of personal achievement and a host of tools to assist you continuously in the future.

Find Your Life Purpose - Even If It Doesn’t Become Your Life

Do you feel you’re missing something really big in life, a purpose? Or, are you just sick of hearing about your life purpose? Either way, exploring it may be in your best interest.

That feeling of ‘missing something important’ will just continue to grow if unattended and finding the answer does not mean you have to chase a dream, join a missionary of some sort or alter the course of your life. 

Finding your purpose is really about understanding your personal ‘why’ in life. It simply helps make everything you do more rewarding. 

It will give you a filter through which you make choices and decisions; a lens to view life, people and circumstances through. Life Coaching gives you clarity about the reason you are here and how to give that personal value without external judgment of its value and contribution. 

Relationships - Well, the Most Important Relationship

The animated movie  Inside Out  had it right. It’s a movie about a girl and her emotions while growing up. Her emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger) navigated a control panel within her, cataloging her experiences and classifying memories to make up her identity; each emotion experienced the world through its own point of view. 

We all have voices in our head informing us about everything! Often, we don’t even realize how many different perspectives live within us on any given subject, but we say things like “Part of me wants to go to that event but part of me wants to stay home in my PJs” or “I know I shouldn’t eat that doughnut, but I’m stressed and just want something special”. 

This is evidence of a ‘parts conflict’  - where two parts of you are conflicting and making it nearly impossible to make a choice. With coaching, you can work to resolve the dueling voices. Coaching will introduce you to you. No longer will you feel buffeted by the winds and whims of your emotions or at the mercy of your life.

You’ll learn to navigate your own inner world. It will allow you to become adept at understanding why and what you’re thinking and feeling - the surest path to self-acceptance and love so that you can be your most authentic self in every situation you find yourself in. 

If you have ever struggled with personal goals, life balance, apathy or disappointment with life, life coaching is just what you need. 

Your coach will help you find YOUR answers, YOUR ways of being in the world, YOUR values and where YOU want to grow all on YOUR terms. This relationship will be transformative, gifting you with tools you will use forever. You’ll rise from your personal ashes, like the Phoenix, and I’m pretty sure you will look back on the decision to hire a coach as one of your best.

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