Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.  ― Anaïs Nin

Five Things Business Coaching Will Help You Accomplish

You’ve made it to the corner office after receiving the biggest promotion of your career. 

You’ve landed a client that will take your consulting firm to the next level.

Your startup was just funded and you’re ready for GO MODE. 

You should be feeling on top of the world right? You should be riding high, but instead of feeling you’ve got the world at your feet, you’re feeling suffocated and stressed. 

Suddenly the weight of your decisions and the consequences of a misstep leave you feeling overwhelmed at least and paralyzed at worst. 

How can you move forward from here? Is it time to throw in the towel? Who can you turn to for help?

Enter your coach. Someone you can bounce those ideas off of and explore the consequences of decisions.

Someone to clarify goals with or focus on your own personal 80/20 investment and where your highest contribution really lies. 

Now is the time to invest in yourself to level up your leadership and influence and feel confident in any new undertaking before you. As everything starts with goals, we will too.

Get Clear on Your Goals

You’re an excellent goal setter and achiever as evidenced by the successes you’ve had so far - so why would you need an outside assist here?

When you work on goals with a coach, they’ll be able to see how your goals align to your values, what belief structures you have in place to assist or hinder your achievement of the goals and assist you in really focusing on your why behind the goal. By building off what has been working for you and adding some new awareness, the clarity you get from working with a coach is unparalleled.

Align Actions to Goals

“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

'Death by meeting’, ‘drowning in emails’ and ‘not enough hours in a day’ are major deterrents to achieving your goals. I bet you’ve tried many strategies to wrangle some control and tame these wild beasts, but in the effort, fatigue and overwhelm won out and you were left defeated and frustrated. 

You’re a highly successful person with an exceptionally busy life, often without time to take stock of your actions and check to be sure they’re aligning to your goals. But, if you’re running into the next meeting, sales pitch, client call or dealing with a family obligation without pause, you can veer off track quickly.

Working with a coach can help you get clear on which actions align to which goals and reveal actions that are not aligned withany of your goals (at least 10% of those meetings, am I right?). They’ll help you identify ways to pause, places to let go and the 20% of your action that really matters. 

A good business coach will ask you the tough questions, help you challenge and organize the plan and then hold you accountable to your milestones along the way.  

Assist in Leadership Decision Making

This is one of the most terrifying places to be in leadership or business ownership - the dreaded wrong decision. 

Your stomach hurts, you’re feeling antsy and you’re losing sleep - and the worst part is there is NO ONE to help you with it! Can’t ask your boss or stakeholders for guidance or they may lose confidence in you. Can’t ask your subordinates for the same reason and anyone in your family will be of little help because - well, they’re family and will try to please you rather than help you make a good decision.

This may be where your coach is truly most valuable.  They have NO ATTACHMENT to your direction, outcome or the final decision you make past that it is the best choice for you.  

They remain neutral, challenge assumptions voiced, ask powerful questions and reflect what they’re hearing with only one agenda –– getting YOU where you want to go. 

If you find you lack confidence or have some fear around a decision or direction, there is no faster way to arrive on a course of action that youare confident in than using a coach!

Identify Roadblocks and Focus on Solutions

Often times, achieving this level of success has been a result of a skill set that may no longer be as effective at the top. You probably were an excellent contributor in meetings and teams, totally reliable to meet deadlines and deliver results with projects you were on and a collaborative team player. All excellent skills that can now hinder you as the leader. 

Let’s say that your work style is to achieve success through “doing and executing,” do you know how that can be a roadblock? Do you know how it can be a solution? 

As a roadblock, you’ll try to keep DOING the work; this hinders your effectiveness at leading.  As a solution, you canmodel the behavior to empower your people and add to your effectiveness as a leader. 

Utilizing a business and development coaching for this process will unlock unlimited potential for success. 

Level Up Your People Leadership

So far, we’ve focused on your personal skillset and development, but leaders don’t achieve success in isolation, they have to do it through their people. The next level of excellent leadership is the effectiveness of your team. 

Yikes! This is the hardest part of being the boss. And leading employees, developing their talent and creating a culture that expects excellence is not necessarily intuitive and who has time to sift through all the leadership content out there? 

From helping you get to create a better culture to coaxing out the best ways to cultivate the strengths of the individuals on your team, coaching can take you from good to a great –– and make you a leader people love working for. 

In every part of your business world, your coach is your secret weapon, unlocking all your potential so that as you embark on the next leg of your journey, you will be confident in your direction, focused on your goals and well-rounded in your approach. 

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