Meditation with Horses: Quieting Your Mind

How often do you replay a stressful conversation you had with someone in your mind? 

How long have you been rethinking that comment you made on a social media post last week?

How many times have you second guessed an email you sent this week?

As human beings, we’re constantly getting stuck in our heads. We constantly analyze the past and play out future scenarios that haven’t happened. We let our minds run amuck in such a way that leads us to constantly feel anxious, experience racing thoughts, and generally feel overwhelmed. 

Want to quiet your mind and find some respite from all the negative thoughts running through your mind? The answer is simple, by engaging in mindful practices and meditating

These two simple practices help youpsychologically and neurologically in reducing the thoughts running through your mind. In a recent article in Inc. Magazine, neuroscientist Ethan Kross explains that when we get stuck in a mental rut, retreading the same worries over and over again without reaching any useful conclusion or consolation. 

Breaking out of that rut requires putting some emotional distance between you and whatever is troubling you. 

Kross’ study also shows that there is a direct connection between quieting your mind and connecting with being outside in nature. Koss finds that being outdoors for just two hours per week gives your attention the ability to recharge by subtly drawing your attention to things that are interesting to you, but don't necessarily take a whole lot of bandwidth for us to make sense of. 

So next time you find yourself stuck in your head, lost in negative thoughts or unable to calm your anxiety, take a step back, use our mindfulness activity to quiet your mind or you can come and spend some one-on-one time with the horses. We’ll help quiet your mind, recenter and go assist you in working, getting out of your head and thereby, getting unstuck. 

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