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Horses on the Homestead

This 1/2 day class is held at the Grace, Grit, and Wit Ranch in Snohomish, Washington. In this class, you'll learn how to incorporate horses into your homestead plans. Whether you're adding miniature horses for lawn care, ponies for tilling, horses you'll be riding, or drafts you'll be driving, we'll discuss how horses can help your homestead thrive. This class is hands-on and you'll learn about:

  1. General horse care throughout the seasons.
  2. Nutrition requirements of your horses. 
  3. How horses fit into the overall goals of your homestead or personal farm.
  4. Health care for horses you can do yourself (like vaccinations). 
  5. Hoof care you can do yourself (pulling a shoe and basic filing). 
  6. How to choose the right size horse or horses.
  7. How to manage horses in Western Washington weather.
  8. Washington state regulations on horse welfare. 
  9. What to know before you select a rescue or horse that requires rehabilitation. 
  10. Other livestock considerations - pigs, goats, chickens and cattle. 
  11. Safety, natural disasters and outside visitors.
  12. And much more!

This 1/2 day class includes a farm made lunch. We may have guest speakers as well. No children under 16 are allowed and dogs require pre-approval from the ranch. You must come wearing closed, hard soled boots or hiking shoes. No tennis shoes or sandals as we'll be working with horses.

If you're within one hour of Snohomish, this class also includes a 1-hour visit from us to help you identify the best setup for your animals on your homestead!


Class will be held May 8, 2021 from 1pm-4pm!