Whole Person Coaching Services Designed For Women Over 40

Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.  ― Anaïs Nin

We Woke Up

This website is the passion project of two Seattle, Washington entrepreneurs. The goal of Grace, Grit and Wit is to serve as a comprehensive, one-to-one online coaching & wellness services platform designed to help women age 35+.

Welcome To Grace, Grit & Wit

The services and products Grace, Grit and Wit offers are designed to help our clients develop the lives they truly want to live. Instead of piecing together coaching, counseling and the resources (books, interactive materials, products) that a woman needs in order to achieve “what’s next” in her life, she can now find it one location that offers a cohesive, unfragmented experience.

Whether it’s pivoting her career or taking charge of her personal health, she can access a network of highly-recognized, professional nutritionists, herbalists, life and business coaches. GGW is her go-to destination to discover, map out and navigate the changes she needs to make in order to live the life she wants on her own terms.

Now that’s not only life changing, it’s game changing!

It's Time To Wake Up

When we choose the path of growth and change, we’re accepting a certain amount of struggle and risk. However, we’re also opening ourselves up to blessings and possibilities. It’s a balancing act to continue transforming ourselves while also taking care of ourselves through the pain of that transformation.

–– Crystal Jackson

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When old models don’t work, it’s time to create new ones. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for building a brilliant business and healthier life.