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Your order ships within 2-3 days of it being placed. If your order comes in on day we're headed to the post office, we'll send it out immediately. 

We ship your order via priority USPS. During the holidays, we'll also FedEx. You can select this option in your shipping. 

All orders are insured for $50 USD. If you want more insurance and/or want delivery confirmation, you can purchase this at check out!

All of our products are organic. We only source from sustainable and environmentally friendly companies that follow strict standards and quality controls. 

All of our products are manufactured in the USA. Some of the ingredients in our teas may have to sourced from outside of the U.S. depending on where they grow. All of our partners and we ourselves only herbs are organic and grown under fair trade standards. 

If a product is vegan, it's labeled as such. We don't label for food allergies or sensitivities as there are so many. Also, many "allergy" terms are used to market items at higher costs. If you have a sensitivity to something, please read our ingredient lists very carefully. 

You can email us at cs@gracegritandwit.com in order to get assistance with any order!

Nothing on this blog should take the place of your physician. Please always follow your doctor's orders. If a specific brand is noted, please always re-check the labels to make sure it fits your dietary needs, as ingredients and manufacturing processes can change from the time of publishing.