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How We Work With Horses

Currently the horse ranch has three horses, BB, Mystic, and we have also partnered other horse owners to extend our program if need be. Before a horse can be used in our program, we assess their behavior, work with vets and farriers to ensure the horses are physically healthy. I personally make sure they are mentally sound and ready to interact with clients.

When it comes to horse training, we don't subscribe to a training method or practice. I believe in creating partnerships and intuitive connections with our horses. When it comes to the mind and the energetic connection between the horse and rider, I personally follow the principles of brain-based horsemanship set forth by neuroscientist, Janet L. Jones, PhD.

We never work a horse to a timeframe we set, the horse sets the timeframe it works in. After all, if you listen to them, the horse will let you know when it's ready for something and we go at their pace. Horses who are safe and sane are our top priority.

Located in Fall City, Washington, equine-assisted, meditation and mindfulness programs. You can learn more about me (Macala) here.

Health and Healing with Horses

Individual and Group Equine-Assisted Meditation Classes

The one thing we all have in common is that we love horses. We’ve all grown up riding and using horses in ranch work for decades. Horses are useful in so many ways, because of this, we designed classes that help women learn to better communicate with themselves and with others through the use of horses. 

Horses are fantastic teachers for women on how to create dialogues with themselves so that they can learn to start larger, deeper conversations with others in the world. Learn how we do it.

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Don't Fear The Future

We’ve taught ourselves to stay safe and small.  When we try and step outside of that and go big, there’s a lot of discomfort, fear and pain.

If we’re willing to move through it, that how we know it’s the right path. 

–– Macala Wright & Kecia Lee