Whole Person Coaching Services Designed For Women Over 40

Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.  ― Anaïs Nin

Conscious Coaching Discovery Call

How many hats do you wear? If you’re like me, too many to count. And if you are honest, too few of those hats are focused on your own development or care.

Whether adopting healthier eating habits, building your dream company, going through a life transition or simply wanting to experience more joy and contentment in your life, self-development is often left on the back burner. A time comes when the desire to change becomes the priority. 

Conscious Life Coaching is a partnership between client and coach in a thought-provoking and investigative process where dreams, desires, and potentials are realized. This partnership is a way through which you can uncover the patterns of thought that get in the way of lasting change.

Introductory Session

We encourage all of our clients to schedule introductory, exploration calls to see if our programs are a fit for you. Our website works a bit differently than most coaching sites, so you first simply add your session to your cart and check out.

Once you’ve checked out,  you’ll get a digital download for booking your discovery session online, as well as some exploratory questions (which can be completed online). Once you’ve completed your questionnaire, we’ll review it and set up a time to talk about your goals.