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Quieting Your Mind | Meditation with Horses

  • How often do you replay a stressful conversation you had with someone in your mind? 
  • How long have you been rethinking that comment you made on a social media post last week?
  • How many times have you second guessed an email you sent this week?
  • How often do you replay what you did today or what you have to do tomorrow over and over again in your head?

As humans, we’re often stuck in our heads. We constantly analyze the past and play out the stories of future scenarios.  The stories we create when we’re stuck in these loops lead to anxiety, racing thoughts, and make us feel pretty crappy about ourselves. The way to quiet fear-based thoughts is get out of your head and work on ways to stay present in the RIGHT NOW. 

In a 75-minute session, we go through three exercises that are designed to quiet your mind and help silence the negative thoughts and voices running through your mind. The way we approach this is through a series of mindfulness exercises and meditation, assisted of course by our amazingly intuitive horses. 

If you’re someone that gets so caught up in your thoughts that you get lost, this is the perfect for you. Who knows, you might stop talking yourself out of risks you should taking or give up on people/situations/habits that aren’t good for you.