Whole Person Coaching Services Designed For Women Over 40

Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.  ― Anaïs Nin

90-Day Conscious Coaching

Are you someone who prefers more accountability, support, and structure? The monthly programs are for you! The coaching sessions will be scheduled and in the initial Discovery Session, we will map your desired goal and some of the sign-posts along the way. 

While coaching is a dynamic relationship that requires adaptability as your personal insights and blindspots appear, we will still create a path together prior to embarking to keep you focused. There will be accountability check-ins, email support and reflection assignments in addition to the scheduled one-on-one sessions.  

In addition to the Sessions, I will do a weekly accountability check-in (email or text) to help ensure you’re meeting the steps and tasks you chose to move you forward in your goals. Along with those accountability checks, you have unlimited access by email to ask questions or report progress; keeping your momentum and goals top of mind for greater success. So all in all, you will get:

  • Discovery +Three Individual Sessions the first month;
  • Three Individual Sessions for Months Two and Three; 
  • One additional Session to be used when you want during the three months;
  • Weekly accountability check-ins;
  • Unlimited email access for questions and progress updates;
  • 10% off any product purchases;
  • Your workbooks and materials are absolutely free.

    Monthly Coaching is for women who are looking for an internal overhaul. Intensive and deep, these programs are full of support and interaction to ensure you have the framework you need to realize the vitalized, self-actualized life you’ve been dreaming of.