Pork Share

Our pigs are a breed cross of Hampshire, Gloucestershire Old Spot, and Hereford. Crossing breeds results in something called ‘Hybrid Vigor’, basically meaning the mixing of genetics produces a healthier, more robust, quicker growing organism – in this case, pigs! This breed combination should:

  1. Achieve long length, which yields nice bacon/pork belly and lots of chops
  2. Have nice fore- and hind-quarter width for good size hams and shoulder roasts
  3. Have the right fat to muscle ratio so the meat turns out perfectly succulent, marbled, and tender, but never greasy!

We sell pork by the quarter, half or  full share; custom cut and packaged as per your order and priced by hanging weight. Our pork hangs for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 6 before cutting to customer instructions. 

Fresh Pork

Our fresh pork choices include chops, steaks, roasts, ribs, ground pork or sausage, and belly. All custom cut and packaged per your instructions. Our processor will guide you if you are new to purchasing sides of meat!

Cured/Smoked Pork

Cured choices: bacon, ham, ham steaks, hocks, and pork chops. Our processor also offers a nitrate-free curing option if a customer prefers. Cured/smoked meats are usually ready for pick up 3 weeks AFTER fresh cuts are ready.

Please download our contract here and email it to us.